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Our AFF Program (Accelerated Freefall)

Accelerated Freefall First Jump Course “Do you dream of learning to skydive? Our accelerated freefall (AFF) skydiving course is an 8 jumps/level program designed to fast track you to learning to skydive solo and achieve the dream to learn to skydive!”

Our AFF skydiving program starts with 4-6 hours of ground training known as our First Jump Course (FJC). During this training you’ll learn everything you will need to know about your first jump and also all the skills and information needed to keep you safe and carry you throughout your skydiving career. You’ll learn a range of skills from how to fly your body in freefall, how your equipment functions, what to do if things don’t go as expected, and much more. Our FJC program includes the 4-6 hour ground school. Once you have successfully completed our FJC, you’ll be ready to do your CAT A – Level 1 AFF skydive and will be well on your way to learning to skydive solo.


Earn Your “A” License!

Earning Your Skydiving License
Upon completion of the 7 levels of the Accelerated Freefall skydiving program graduates will be cleared for solo skydiving. Beginning with the jumps after the 7 levels of the AFF program the new graduate will then begin to complete the necessary requirements to achieve the USPA certified ‘A’ license of solo skydiving. There is a required minimum of 25 jumps for the ‘A’ license with the initial 7 AFF jumps counting towards the 25 total.

Additional requirements for the ‘A’ license include:
5 jumps with a certified USPA Coach focusing on advanced flying skills.
1 “Hop n Pop” or clear and pull skydive.
A packing class taught by a member of our certified staff.
Successful completion of a written & oral test approved from the USPA.
When you’re ready to embark on one of life’s most challenging and rewarding adventures and satisfy that long desired urge to actually skydive on your own, take the first step and attend our First Jump Course. Upon completion of our First Jump Course you will be eligible to purchase our “complete AFF package” for a discounted rate in comparison to paying for each skydive in the program individually on a per jump basis.



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