Free Flying

Freeflying represents the evolution of body flight.  Not content confined to a belly to earth orientation, freeflying expands the realm of possibilities to all potential orientations.  This includes, but is not limited to, back to earth, vertical orientations including feet or head to earth, and angled body positions moving across the sky like a wing.  These body positions encompass a wide range of speeds and potential energies.  They are not limited to falling straight down to the earth, but rather encourage making use of the multi-dimensional sky, moving both laterally and vertically.  In order to safely, efficiently and mindfully pilot your body in these advanced orientations, coaching is highly recommended.  Freeflying exists competitively in the form of artistic freeflying, freestyle, vertical formation skydiving, and mixed formation skydiving.

Reservations are highly recommended as no guarantee can be made to a coach’s availability without a reservation.

  • Free load organizing every Friday and weekends.
  • Personalized one on one coaching.
  • Personalized team coaching.
  • Personalized tunnel coaching.

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